Friday, March 12, 2010

On this less windy day, see the dust storm above, I was glad we waited out the big blow from the day before. While our rig seemed easy to control, we had a wind incident just the same. At a historial site meant to bring us up to date on the salt flat war of 1868, I heard fabric lufting in the wind. As there was no sail in sight on the desert sea, I knew something was amiss. I quickly checked out the only fabric part of our traveling caravan, the awning on the far side of the trailer. There it was, flapping in the wind, unfurled about 2 feet! Yikes!

I tripped the “close” lever and it coiled up so fast a rattler would be envious. I am still puzzling at how it released while traveling and have been monitoring it ever since. We also lost a bumper cover on the trailer, other RV’ers will know what I’m talking about. The spare one I found years ago, was oversized so I whacked it into place with my handy fencing hammer I found at a bar in Austin (thanks to Laura Bettor) in what, 1998? It’s great serendipity when Texas provides for what Texas takes isn’t it? Later I learned I also lost the release handle for the sewer, but you’ll be relieved (no pun) to learn the valve stayed in place. Our tonneau over the truck bed stayed in place even tho one of the bows got sucked out of place too. Long day!

I’m ready for calmer days ahead.

Lots more on the Southwest Trip and Big Bend National Park in the following blogs!

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Richard Sherman said...

And I thought HOME ownership required a lot of system maintenance!!