Sunday, November 30, 2008

End of the Alaska-Canada Trip!

This is the last in a series of blogs about our trip to Alaska. I realized we actually spent nearly as much time in Canada as we did in Alaska. Its a very long drive and many of the miles are Canadian and so are many of the good sights as well.
The White Pass train seen here took us from Fraser, Yukon back into Alaska down to Skagway , AK on the coast. Views of this gold rush associated historic pass are stunning. We passed the Chilcoot Trail so many wouldbe miners suffered over with their ton of materials required by the Mounties in Yukon.
After leaving Whitehorse, we beat a consistent, if not fast, retreat from the far north. While we anticipated spending another couple weeks on our trip, we grew tired of the rain, fog and cold at last. We arrived home in time for the warmest fall in our memory. It has been far, far warmer this fall for us than any save three days north of the Canadian border. Guess we earned a summer after all!
Out of some 1300 photos, I put together a photobook of my favorite photos. You can look at these online if you want without your email address going to them and them bugging you. At least I hope it works. Some of these photos you might have seen already on this blog, others I am sure were not presented here.
I recommend far north experiences. I know local folks always feel like it belongs exclusively to them. I get that way about my own "backyard" sometimes, and we can do better than we have taking care of it. There's only this one planet and it doesn't just belong to the people. Even better, go up and have fun!

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